Friday, September 17, 2010

Martin Buth Day at Wahlfield Park

The Comstock Park Rotary declared Friday Martin Buth Day and honored him and his family at a picnic at Wahlfield Park.  Martin Buth recently celebrated his 93rd birthday.  He is the only surviving charter member of the Comstock Park Rotary Club and a past president of the organization.  Marty has served his community in many capacities, including as a member of the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees of Plainfield Towhship, the Michigan House of Representatives, and the Kent County Board of Commissioners.

Rotary Club president Sharon Steffens presented Marty with the Rotary Award of Excellence and the Comstock Park club mad a donation to the Rotary International Foundation on his behalf.

Those present enjoyed the great music of the Sensational Gospel Tones, a Grand Rapids based singing group that has been in existence over fifty years and still has some of it's original singers.

Marty Buth accompanied by his sister and surrounded by family

Rotary Club President Sharon Steffens presenting Marty Buth with Award of Excellence

While the adults were busy,some of the children enjoyed the playgrouind at Wahlfield Park, aRotary Project of recent years

John Steffens (left) checking out Dick Woodward's grilling

The Sensational Gospel Tones

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