Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aristotle's Attic

Today is the Grand Opening of Aristotle's Attic, the premier place to buy or sell designer clothing.
Aristotle's Attic is located at 4089 AlpineAve, Suite B in the same strip as the recently opened Sports Outlet Store.  They  offer a fun and convenient way to buy and sell gently used clothing and accessories for teens and adults.  Stop in and greet the owner Sue DeBack or say hello to Manager Tammy Bond or any of their fine employees and wish them well on their new business venture.  For questions call (616) 514-9629

Manager Tammy Bond, second from left, and owner Sue DeBock (far right) and employees in front of their new store.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Movies at the Park

That's right, a free movie, and free popcorn next Friday August 6 at Dwight Lydell Park, 4040 Leland Ave, Comstock Park, MI 

Enjoy an evening in the park with your family!  Family friendly games starting at 7:30 P.M. followed by a movie starting at dusk!

Bring your family, bring your neighbor, don't forget to bring a blanket or chairs!

This event cancelled twice due to inclement weather, but no rain out this time!  In case of bad weather, the event will be held inside the Comstock Park High School.

Spread the word.  Enjoy a great family movie and a good time with family and neighbors.

Presented by Wedgwood Christian Services

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work on 6 Mile Rd. near Completion

Not a new drag strip in Alpine Township but a new and improved 6  Mile Rd from Alpine Ave. to Division Ave. in Alpine Township and from Division Ave. to Pine Island Ave. in Plainfield Township. Thank you  to the neighbors and commuters for your patience, and thank you to the Kent County Road Commission for completing  this work without any major inconvenience to us home and business owners who commute here daily.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Come Drum, Come Dance, Come Sing - WaZoBia

WaZoBia means "come, come, come" in three distinct Nigerian tribal languages. "Come" is an invitation of togetherness, and represents unity and diversity in community.

WaZoBia is also a Grand Rapids,  based music ensemble. The six member group has a diverse musical background that they bring together to create a unique musical sound that combines traditional African and Afro-Cuban drumming with a variety of other musical influences and styles arranged with modern compositional techniques.  They brought their talent to the Alpine Township KDL Library tonight and wowed everybody. The audience came to listen, then they sang, then they danced, and finally they were all on their feet  participating in the celebration of music from the Congo, Nigeria, Cuba and other places around the world.

At first it was just a few who danced

So much energy

Music from the Pacific Islands call for pacifiers.

Take a bow
Some of our residents who take advantage of the great library programs offered at Alpine Township

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Annual Waterball Competition

The Alpine Township Fire Department held its annual waterball competition in front of Alpine Fire Station #1.  Family and kids were invited and all had a great time. Most brought a dish to pass.  The warm weather brought out lots of kids

Grill Masters Extra-Ordinaire

Everyone enjoyed the comradery

No kid was dry by the end of the evening, (and few adults)

Best foot forward

Enjoying the activities

The Competition

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Youth Soccer at Alpine Township Sports Complex

The migrant soccer league in Alpine Township is trying to start some youth leagues.  They currently have 18 adult teams but no kids leagues, but that changed as off today.  At least four teams have been established for those boys and girls 9-12, and at least two teams for ages 6-8.  An additionasl field was marked off for kids 4 and 5. While most kids currently playing are hispanic, the kids speak english and it is hoped that teams be intergrated with other kids from Alpine Township who have an interest in playing soccer.  If interested in assisting or interested in having your child participate, contact Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends at 784-1262.

Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends got to take the first shot at goal as the teams watch.  A nice tradition
The game is on

Comstock Park Congregational Celebrates One Hundred years

At 62 Lamoreaux Blvd, within a block of Alpine Township, sits the Comstock Park Congegational Church. Today marks their one hundredth anniversary. Congratulations to pastor Dick Woodward and his congregation as they continue to serve many of our residents.

100 years of celebration

Everybody was able to join the the celebration on Saturday at the steak dinner

Gary Manley and Jean Kjellin, both Alpine Township residents whose families worship at Comstock Park Congegational Church

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Iron Chef

Anyone with Cable TV has heard of the Iron Chef  program on the Food Network.  The Kent District Library's Alpine Township Branch held its own version of the program.  About fifteen teens were split up into three teams with instructions to have each team prepare three dishes using cooking materials brought in by the library.  They were also provided skillets, George Foreman grills, blenders and other cooking aids, and were given a half hour to prepare their dishes.  Their finished dishes were offered to the judges who judged them on taste, originality, and presentation.  None of the judges got sick, and all of them were seen eating the left overs even after the judging was over.  All three teams ended up close when the scores were tabulated, but the team named "Polka Dots" won, quite likely because of the chocolate dipped strawberries that they presented as their final dish.  This could very well become an annual event, one that the judges would love to be invited to again.

Imagination was unlimited
There were lots of ingredients to choose from, including fresh fruits and vegetables

Ready to present the judges with a fresh garden salad

Hard at work in the kitchen

Judges Brian Mortimore, KDL Staff,  Alex Arends and Julie Burelski, both with Alpine Township

The winning team...The Polka Dots.  Congratulations!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alpine Township KDL Library Carnival

Branch Manager Laura Wells with Kate the Elephant, the library's mascott
The carnival was once again a great success at the Library.  There were pony rides, face painting, baloons, and lots more for kids of all ages.  For the kids who attended, it was as meaningful as going to the Berlin Fair.

The kids were waiting in line for the pony ride
This german shepard enjoyed all the festivities

Demonstrating where the bean bags go

A group of young "future comedians" was in charge of balloons. 

The lolliepop tree

The balloons were very popular

Face painting was another activity kids waited in line for

Coming tomorrow:  Iron Chef Contest

Hot Work on a Hot Day

Construction and repair to Six Mile Road began in earnest this week.  The segment in Alpine Township is utilizing a process called: Hot-in-Place Recycling. This is a process widely used in Indiana and Illinois but it will be the first time the Kent County Road Commission is using this technique. The process allows the existing asphalt to be heated, scarified, screeded (grinded?) and rolled.  This saves costs in not having to carry the existing asphalt away as it recycles in place.

Tuesdays at Fricano

Tuesday nights at Fricanos are as good as they were in the Spring and the Pizza is like you can find it no where within 30 miles  .On Tuesday evenings you get to drool not just over the pizza but also over the ever growing number of antique cars.  The rest of the week you get to drool  over the pizza and the ease of parking.  Open after 4:00 PM.  Closed Sundays. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun and Recreation

It was the busiest day at the Alpine Township Sports Complex so far this year, with occasions where finding a parking spot was difficult.  There was soccer all day and several softball games at night.  Something new was added for the evening....friendly soccer matches for kids 9-12 and 6-8.  Organized by the Migrant Soccer League, it is hoped that it may help bring back youth soccer to Alpine Township.

The joy of success

The grimmace of pain due to a foot injury

Migrant soccer league

A busy playground

It was great to see the youth play.  So much talent already.

Awaiting arrival of the ball

I want to play too!

Future Stars