Thursday, July 22, 2010

Iron Chef

Anyone with Cable TV has heard of the Iron Chef  program on the Food Network.  The Kent District Library's Alpine Township Branch held its own version of the program.  About fifteen teens were split up into three teams with instructions to have each team prepare three dishes using cooking materials brought in by the library.  They were also provided skillets, George Foreman grills, blenders and other cooking aids, and were given a half hour to prepare their dishes.  Their finished dishes were offered to the judges who judged them on taste, originality, and presentation.  None of the judges got sick, and all of them were seen eating the left overs even after the judging was over.  All three teams ended up close when the scores were tabulated, but the team named "Polka Dots" won, quite likely because of the chocolate dipped strawberries that they presented as their final dish.  This could very well become an annual event, one that the judges would love to be invited to again.

Imagination was unlimited
There were lots of ingredients to choose from, including fresh fruits and vegetables

Ready to present the judges with a fresh garden salad

Hard at work in the kitchen

Judges Brian Mortimore, KDL Staff,  Alex Arends and Julie Burelski, both with Alpine Township

The winning team...The Polka Dots.  Congratulations!

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