Saturday, April 30, 2011

Land & Co honored by the Fair Housing Center

According to the Grand Rapids Press, Wyoming-based Land & Co., a real estate, development and construction company that operates apartment homes throughout West Michigan, was given an award for Furthered Fair Housing at the 24th annual Fair Housing Luncheon & Workshop held last Thursday and sponsored by the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan.
Grand Rapids Planning Director Suzanne Schulz, a Fair Housing board member, handed out the award, noting the company has a “passionate commitment” to eradicating housing discrimination and promoting equal housing opportunity.
The company has an ongoing relationship with the Fair Housing Center for regular staff training at various levels, “seeking to provide a full understanding of the value of fair housing as a business practice and to prevent any possibility of discrimination before it could occur,” Schulz said.

Land @ Company operates York Creek Apartments here in Alpine Township as well as other units throughout West Michigan,


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alpine Township Planner Addresses Comstock Park Rotary

Alpine Township Planner Sue Thomas with Rotary President and former Alpine Township Supervisor Sharon Steffens
Alpine Township Planner Sue Thomas was the featured speaker at today's meeting of the Comstock Park Rotary  at the Swan Inn today.

Sue talked about her role as Township Planner, and how she loves working with local municipalities.  In addition to  working with roads, sewer, water, sidewalks, building setbacks and the other kinds of functions  that a planner would be involved in, she and the planning commission are also involved in the creation of ordinances.  The recent medical marijuana ordinance that she created and was approved by the board is a model ordinance resulting in many communities asking to see it.  The Planning Commission and her recently tackled the task of regulating the sale of sexually oriented material.  As Township Planner, Sue is also very involved in rewriting the Township's Capital Improvement Program.  

The Comstock Park Rotary meets at the lower level of the Swan Inn Restaurant  every Thursday from 12:15 - 1:15 PM.  Anyone interested in joining Rotary is encouraged to visit.
Familiar faces included Charter Member Marty Buth. (far left)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to KDLville!

Puppet Theater
It was party time Tuesday at the Alpine Township Hall! Pre-schoolers celebrated  with Katie L. the elephant as she cut the ribbon and welcomed everybody  to KDLville, KDL’s new early literacy play space in the library. Families with children ages 6 and under had fun with crafts, games, balloon animals, face painting, and a dance party. And everybody  enjoyed a piece of the special KDLville cake!

KDLville is an interactive early literacy learning center where young children and their caregivers can play, grow, and read. The spaces will contain a variety of fun, developmentally appropriate activities that focus on different skills that will help children get ready to read. Some examples might include a puppet theater, a play grocery store, a train table, pre-writing games, etc. The activities will be rotated so patrons will get fresh experiences every couple of months. Promotional materials that contain caregiver education on reading readiness will also be provided in the play space

kids enjoyed the balloon animals
Welcome to KDLville
KDL Communications Director Eric DeHaan,, KDL Board Member Penny Weller and Branch Manager Laura Weld were busy cutting the cake.
The kids enjoyed many of the activities along with the festivities

Friday, April 22, 2011

Alpine Meadows Neighborhood Watch

Alpine Meadows Mobile Home Park at 3800 Fruitridge has an active Neighborhood Watch Association and is planning all sorts of summer activities.

President Susan Sasak is very enthusiatic and has even created a blog which can be found at Here she is seen with her husband Tony as she goes over the agenda of last night's meeting with Alpine Township's Community Policing Officer, Kent County Deputy Nate Ertle.

Some of the other members of the Alpine Meadows Neighborhood Watch Group.  More meetings are scheduled for May 19 and June 23, 2011, beginning at 7:00 PM.  Call Community Manager Dawn Hamlin, (seated on right) at (616)784-1606 for further information.

With all the rain that fell this week, scheduled baseball games and soccer practice were cancelled.  Last night, a few youthful members of the Alliance Soccer Club took advantage of the weather and got at least a little practice.

Last night's sky was filled with pastel colors , a reflection on the reason for the season, the Easter weekend.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best on the Ridge - Maple Syrup Contest

The judges from left to right, Ron Christians, Nate Ertle, Margaret Laskowski, Jeff Cunningham, and Ginny Ebers

The Alpine Township Historic Commission  hosted its second annual "Best on the Ridge" Maple Syrup competition.  The event was held at Alpine Elementary School  on Baumhof Road. About 80 people showed up for the event which featured 14 entries.    First place went to Boynton Family Sugarbush of Jenison.  Second place went to Rasch Family Farms of Alpine Township.  After the judging, the audience had an opportunity to do some sampling of their own with plenty of extra waffles and pancakes.

Special thanks go to Jeff and Linda Rueble for their great maple syrup production display and to Doris Kline for the Blandford Nature Center Display.  Of course, special thanks also go to the judges and the 14 maple syrup producers.  And thanks also go to Rick Cederholm for the teriffic pancakes, and Judy Ingersoll for her assistance in the kitchen.

Jim Townsend (left) Jeff Rueble  and John Paul enjoying a chance to chat.
Judy Ingersoll volunteered in the kitchen and is seen here talking with Jenny  Westveer
Pat Cederholm  (left) with Mary Jane Dockeray and Doris Kline from the Blandford Nature Center
Nigel Doyle seen here with his grandmother is ready to do some judging by himself.

Jeff Cunningham demonstrates his unique style of maple syrup judging

Remember me?  I should have been a judge!
Second place winners John Rasch (right) with Sarah (left), Barb, and Dean Pavlovic

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Best of the Ridge

From the Alpine Township Historical Commission:
Last year's Maple Syrup competition was a big success, so we are going to a larger building. 
Everyone is invited to see and taste our Western Michigan maple syrup. If you would like to compete with your maple syrup, call the Alpine Township office at 616-784-1262 and give them your name and phone number. 
The competition will start at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 17 in the cafeteria/gym at Alpine Elementary School on the corner of Alpine Church Road and Baumhoff St. with free admission. Pancakes; syrup will be served. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taking Advantage of the Summer Weather

Sunday afternoon brought temperatures into the 80s and brought lots of people out into their yards to do spring clean up.  Jerry and Ellen Shuker decided to do a little cleaning around the Alpine Township Hall.  Jerry and Ellen have been taking care of the premises for longer than the current Township Hall was built in 1997, so at least 14 years and they love the outdoors.

Jerry and Ellen Shuker

Jerry and Ellen Shuker

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playground at York Creek

The KABOOM! playground installed at York Creek Apartments last year is already getting plenty of traffic this early spring.  The playground is open to the public.

The little tikes were on the playground equipment

Keeping an eye on the little ones

The focus here was on the football

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kids Learn About Public Service

Over 40 kids, parents or guardians participated in  Alpine Township Library's "Story Time" this morning, learning all about public service related jobs such as firefighter, police officer, mail carrier, etc.

Both kids and adults were surprised by the visit of a real firefighter in a real firetruck who not only showed all the equipment on the truck, but  demonstrated the gear that firefighters wear that almost makes them look like an alien from outer space.  The kids especially enjoyed the opportunity to climb inside the truck.  Alpine Township Firefighter and Rescue Captain Tim Schweitzer  passed out wristbands and coloring books. 

Pretending to be a Firefighter

The sun came out occasionally

This youngster was more interested in the camera

Rescue Captain Tim Schweitzer helping the kids up the truck

Library Manager Laura Wells helping kids down the truck on the other side

Some of the books on display

Camera Crew at Work in Alpine Township

It isn't as glamorous as some of thre recent movie productions filmed in West Michigan, but Brian Mitchell and Don Kutchin with the Kent County Department of Public Works have recorded plenty of video in the Kent County area.  Michell and Kutchin specialize in videotaping sewer lines.  Results of the video taping are used to determine the need for repairwork or replacement of the lines.  The cost of maintenance and repair of work performed by the Kent County Department of Public Works on sanitary sewers in Alpine Township is estimated near $200,000 this year, down $40,000 from last year.

Brian Mitchell inside the vehicle reviewing live recording of the lines
Don Kutchin guiding the camera