Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best on the Ridge - Maple Syrup Contest

The judges from left to right, Ron Christians, Nate Ertle, Margaret Laskowski, Jeff Cunningham, and Ginny Ebers

The Alpine Township Historic Commission  hosted its second annual "Best on the Ridge" Maple Syrup competition.  The event was held at Alpine Elementary School  on Baumhof Road. About 80 people showed up for the event which featured 14 entries.    First place went to Boynton Family Sugarbush of Jenison.  Second place went to Rasch Family Farms of Alpine Township.  After the judging, the audience had an opportunity to do some sampling of their own with plenty of extra waffles and pancakes.

Special thanks go to Jeff and Linda Rueble for their great maple syrup production display and to Doris Kline for the Blandford Nature Center Display.  Of course, special thanks also go to the judges and the 14 maple syrup producers.  And thanks also go to Rick Cederholm for the teriffic pancakes, and Judy Ingersoll for her assistance in the kitchen.

Jim Townsend (left) Jeff Rueble  and John Paul enjoying a chance to chat.
Judy Ingersoll volunteered in the kitchen and is seen here talking with Jenny  Westveer
Pat Cederholm  (left) with Mary Jane Dockeray and Doris Kline from the Blandford Nature Center
Nigel Doyle seen here with his grandmother is ready to do some judging by himself.

Jeff Cunningham demonstrates his unique style of maple syrup judging

Remember me?  I should have been a judge!
Second place winners John Rasch (right) with Sarah (left), Barb, and Dean Pavlovic

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  1. This was a great community social event. thank you for your dedication.