Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kids Learn About Public Service

Over 40 kids, parents or guardians participated in  Alpine Township Library's "Story Time" this morning, learning all about public service related jobs such as firefighter, police officer, mail carrier, etc.

Both kids and adults were surprised by the visit of a real firefighter in a real firetruck who not only showed all the equipment on the truck, but  demonstrated the gear that firefighters wear that almost makes them look like an alien from outer space.  The kids especially enjoyed the opportunity to climb inside the truck.  Alpine Township Firefighter and Rescue Captain Tim Schweitzer  passed out wristbands and coloring books. 

Pretending to be a Firefighter

The sun came out occasionally

This youngster was more interested in the camera

Rescue Captain Tim Schweitzer helping the kids up the truck

Library Manager Laura Wells helping kids down the truck on the other side

Some of the books on display

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