Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night in Westgate Community

The weather was as good as could be expected the last day in October. It seems like the treats get bigger and the kids get older, but the fun and neighborhood spirit remains.  It's Halloween.

Halloween at the Township Hall and Library

Staff from the Alpine Township Branch of the KDL Library and from Alpine Township had an opportunity for some special bonding on Halloween day as Library Manager Laura Weld and Township Supervisor Alex Arends sprung for a three foot Subway sandwich and other staff members provided additional treats..

From left to right, Donna Meyering, Sarah Hartung, Jean Wahlfield, Laura Weld, Betty Keeling, Julie Bulerski, and Sue Thomas.

Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends and Alpine Township Library Manager Laura Weld

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alpine Township Trustees Host Halloween Party

On Sunday afternoon, Alpine Township Trustees hosted a party for the children of Alpine Township at the Township Sports Complex at 1400 Alpine Church Street NW.  Children and their parents and grandparents enjoyed free hot dogs, donuts, cider, candy, chips, ice cream, and even free pumpkins.  Prizes were handed out for favorite costumes.  There were also tattoos and face painting. The event was organized by Alpine Township Trustees Ron Cordes, Jim May and Ted Wallace with help from their families and many Alpine Township friends and supporters.   Enjoy the pictures published below.