Sunday, October 23, 2011

Giant pumpkin, fall colors, and more

This 850 pounds pumpkin can be found in front of the home of Jared Morse on Peachridge Ave NW just south of 6 Mile Rd. NW.  It is a few pounds shy from the pumpkin he had on display last year.

Colors (including green) are still very much around us

Randy Dunneback (center) and crew doing the finishing work on a concrete pad poured in front of the recently renovated Alpine  Fire Station #2 on 7 Mile Rd. NW

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  1. Dan (Kline) would be so proud of the new look at Alpine Fire Barn #2. I know his family is pleased. The white pine tree looks so stately at its replanted site. Just saw the new sign in front today. Awesome job, guys.