Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Brings Early Present to Alpine Township Library

Santa came early at the Alpine Township Library and brought a brand new library manager replacing the retiring Laura Weld.
Shaunna Burmeister was welcomed on December 16th as the new manager of the branch.  Shaunna's last position was at the Grandville Branch.  No matter who you talk to, everyone who knows Shaunna has nothing but great things to say about her, and the Alpine Township staff is just as excited at the library staff to have Shaunna call Alpine Township her home away from home.
Tonight Shaunna was present as several reindeer visited the library.  It was the last public tour for the reindeer before their annual trip with Santa.

Shaunna Burmeister


Preparing for the Holidays

Patrons of the Attic Window Quilt Shop don't look too frantic as they were putting finishing touches on their holiday quilting projects this weekend.  The shop is located at 5307 Alpine Ave NW, Comstock Park, in the strip mall adjacent to the Township Offices and Library.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Good Tidings to You from the TLC Church of York Creek

The York Creek Community Center at 3999 Alpenhorn Dr. opened its doors to the community today on invitation by the TLC Church of York Creek, which will be conducting services in the new building every Sunday at 5:00 PM.   Worship is open to all and the service is casual and relational. 
Earlier this year York Creek management gained ownership of what used to be a Pre-School Building and converted it to a community center. Use of the building has been offered to many of the area service organizations.  
Residents were welcomed with open arms this morning by staff and volunteers which included  Santa Claus.  The center will serve as an oasis where everybody will be valued and loved.
York Creek Apartments is planning for an open house for community service organizations sometime early next year.
A warm welcome upon arrival
A kitchen that was kept busy all morning

A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere

Santa making new friends

In the Spirit of Christmas

Helping SantaGirls deliver presents to deserving families is something that Comstock Park Rotarians and friends have been doing for years. Alpine Township staff members volunteered unloading the bags of gifts, and Rotarians and family members helped sort the packages by route, and about 12 teams of families and friends helped deliver the packages to 135 families  in need.  Chairperson Nancy Mulder thanks all who participated and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

Bernie Spruit, Frank Vietze, Sharon Steffens and the Mulder Family

Rotarians Mr. McGoo and Festus have been volunteering for years


Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Heaven Inspired Deserts

Comstock Park Rotarians enjoyed their annual Christmas Lunch today at the Swan Inn Restaurant with a great meal and literally heaven inspired deserts.
While a great lunch was provided by the Swan Inn, two Rotarians, Bob Homan and Glenn Miller treated the members  to some fantastic sweets. (It became soon obvious that they received assistance from their better half.)
While Bob Homan brought a Cherry Torte, It was Glenn's  Austrian Bratapfel Torte that stole the show as it included a story about how a monk had been inspired by a vision after he climbed to the peak of Gross Glockner, the tallest peak of the Austrian Alps.  There, as close on earth as he could get to God  he experienced a vision that revealed a recipe of what he knew was a heaven inspired dish.  As soon as he got back to the monastery, he prepared the dish for his brothers and that is the story behind Glen's Austrian Bratapfel (Baked Apple) Torte. We looked on the Internet to challenge the truth of this story but neither Snopes nor Urban Legend denies this event.

Bob Homan's Cherry Torte
Glenn Miller's Chocolate Bundt cake

Glenn Miller's "heaven inspired " Austrian Bratapfel Torte
If it says apfel or apple, Sharon Steffens in on the scene 
That there was some unknown ingredient in the torte became obvious soon

Nobody has ever seen Dan Clark this happy
Fortunately some members never lost their composure

Who said all Rotarians are stuffy old men?

Comstock Park Rotarians will not meet the weeks of Christmas and New Year


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kenowa Hills Pubic Schools Invites Local Businesses for Consultation

Mike Johnson, Kenowa Hills Public Schools

For at least three years Kenowa Hills Public Schools has invited local business representatives to participate in its  district’s business advisory committee.  Staff and administration have been searching  for local businesses leaders for.and support in guiding our career and technical courses. 

Participants discussed what they looked for in prospective candidates, not only in acquired skills and education but also in the ability to adapt to each specific trade. 
Mr. Mike Johnson, KHHS Applied Technology and Drafting Instructor moderated the discussion.  He also discussed what Kenowa Hills was currently offering students such as classes in Drafting, Computer Applications, Web Page Design, Automotive, Small Engine, and Photography.

Kenowa Hills Public Schools currently offers classes in Drafting, Computer Applications, Web Page Design, Automotive, Small Engine, and Photography.   Your expertise can help us to guide areas of emphasis in our curriculum as well as lead discussions about potential future offerings.
Kenowa Hills is currently working to establish an alignment with state guidelines for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, while also incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum from organizations such as Skills USA and Project Lead The Way (PLTW).  They are also pursuing grants to help cover many of the costs required to run elective programs such as these.  One of the objectives of today's meeting was to set up an advisory committee consisting of business, industry, labor, parents, academic and Career and Technical Training teachers, administrators, faculty and councilors.
Five Board Members of the Kenowa Hills Design Technology Club served as hosts

A few of the projects the Design  Technology Club hopes to compete in

Christmas Wishes from Us to You

Alpine Townhsip Staff and Elected Officials bring you Season's Greeting of Good Tidings and Joy and a Happy New Year!

Left to right, Jim Townsend, July Buleski, Rose Kogge, Bob Devereaux, Betty Keeling, Sue Becker, Beth Alt, Jean Wahlfield, Diana Post, Dave Klomparens, Gary Campbell. 
Taking picture was
Alex Arends

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa's Second Stop: Comstock Park Little Pine Island Camp

After Santa made a train stop at Dwight Lydell Park in freezing temperatures, he must have quickly changed clothes as Santa and Mrs. Claus spent the rest of the morning in the friendly confines of the main Lodge of the Salvation Army's Little Pine Island Park.  It was supposed to be breakfast with Santa but Santa stayed busy all morning with good boys and girls who wanted their picture taken.  Despite the snowy weather, lots of visitors showed up and were transported to the lodge by hay wagon.  Once inside, they received a hearty breakfast, (all you can eat), had an opportunity to get several free pictures taken, participated I crafts, and enjoyed the company of friends and neighbors.
Entrance to Dwight Lydell Park
Looking over the frozen Little Pine Island Lake
Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoyed being out of the cold
Trains and Christmas are synonymous
Santa and Mrs. Clause with a new found friend
For some, volunteering to serve was a family event


Santa's First Stop: Comstock Park

As he has for the past seven years, Santa began his train tour in Comstock Park as he travelled through West Michigan aboard the Marquette Rail.  The train arrived punctual at 9:30 a.m. and after spreading good will and handing out candy canes, Santa Clause,  Mrs. Clause and their entourage and helpers left just as punctual at 9:50 a.m. for locations further west and north. Those who wanted to get out of the snow for a while had the opportunity to tour the home of the Grand Rapids Model Train Association which is located in the Old Train Depot building behind Dwight Lydell Park.

Some of the model train displays - this the Hudsonville Station as it existed

Arriving early waiting for Santa

And here comes the Santa Train!

Two of Santa's helpers

Call of the Wild

My first glimpse at Santa

And then it was on to Sparta