Saturday, December 21, 2013

Good Tidings to You from the TLC Church of York Creek

The York Creek Community Center at 3999 Alpenhorn Dr. opened its doors to the community today on invitation by the TLC Church of York Creek, which will be conducting services in the new building every Sunday at 5:00 PM.   Worship is open to all and the service is casual and relational. 
Earlier this year York Creek management gained ownership of what used to be a Pre-School Building and converted it to a community center. Use of the building has been offered to many of the area service organizations.  
Residents were welcomed with open arms this morning by staff and volunteers which included  Santa Claus.  The center will serve as an oasis where everybody will be valued and loved.
York Creek Apartments is planning for an open house for community service organizations sometime early next year.
A warm welcome upon arrival
A kitchen that was kept busy all morning

A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere

Santa making new friends

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