Thursday, December 19, 2013

Heaven Inspired Deserts

Comstock Park Rotarians enjoyed their annual Christmas Lunch today at the Swan Inn Restaurant with a great meal and literally heaven inspired deserts.
While a great lunch was provided by the Swan Inn, two Rotarians, Bob Homan and Glenn Miller treated the members  to some fantastic sweets. (It became soon obvious that they received assistance from their better half.)
While Bob Homan brought a Cherry Torte, It was Glenn's  Austrian Bratapfel Torte that stole the show as it included a story about how a monk had been inspired by a vision after he climbed to the peak of Gross Glockner, the tallest peak of the Austrian Alps.  There, as close on earth as he could get to God  he experienced a vision that revealed a recipe of what he knew was a heaven inspired dish.  As soon as he got back to the monastery, he prepared the dish for his brothers and that is the story behind Glen's Austrian Bratapfel (Baked Apple) Torte. We looked on the Internet to challenge the truth of this story but neither Snopes nor Urban Legend denies this event.

Bob Homan's Cherry Torte
Glenn Miller's Chocolate Bundt cake

Glenn Miller's "heaven inspired " Austrian Bratapfel Torte
If it says apfel or apple, Sharon Steffens in on the scene 
That there was some unknown ingredient in the torte became obvious soon

Nobody has ever seen Dan Clark this happy
Fortunately some members never lost their composure

Who said all Rotarians are stuffy old men?

Comstock Park Rotarians will not meet the weeks of Christmas and New Year


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