Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat in the Neighborhood

Rain could not keep munchkins, ghosts, pirates and super heroes  from going door to door for Halloween. Parents all utilized their umbrellas and mild temperatures made the weather tolerable. Kids of all ages enjoyed the evening. 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to Pinky's Place

Bert "Pinky"Anderson
Just north of the Filling Station Restaurant on Alpine Ave there used to be a remote toy shop called Twisted RC.  As you drive north, you will notice a road sign that announces new ownership and that the building is now  Pinky’s Place and will open to the public beginning this Friday, November 1, 2013. A grand opening is planned for November 15th, 2013.

Pinky’s Place is a unique Antique & Artisan Market located at 4790 Alpine Avenue NW in Comstock Park, and co-owned by longtime friends and marketing partners Deb Myszka and Julie Bresko.  Together they have coordinated various vendor markets, annual 26-week Summer in the City events, festivals and a variety of activities for downtown Grand Rapids bringing over one-million visitors annually to their events.  They are excited to now direct their creative talents and experience to Pinky’s Place, a premier West Michigan destination for vendors, patrons, and the Community. 
Pinky’s Place will feature local artists and vendors displaying and selling their quality refurbished, recycled and distressed furniture & home decor, handmade crafts, art of all types, antiques, locally made farm products and a variety of other unique items. The marketplace will also hold activities including:  Create-N-Take Classes, Kids Amazing Art Day, Sunday-Sundaes, as well as various events and activities throughout the year. Pinky’s Place will be open 6 days per week, Tuesday – Sunday, 362 days a year.
Pinky’s Palace (a non-profit organization named after local resident, Bert “Pinky” Anderson who suffers from 1 of 80 types of Dementia) will provide resources, awareness, community support, fundraisers, events and much more for those impacted by Dementia. Fundraising opportunities (supported 100% through charitable gifts) will help assist families in need of respite care relief, transportation, medications, supplies and other related expenses associated with those suffering this disease.
Welcome to Alpine Township!
To contact Deb or Julie please call 616-813-3867 or e-mail

4790 Alpine NW across from Alpine Church Street

A pleasing display invites you in
Co-owners Julie Bresko (left) and Deb Myszka 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treating at the Township Office

It was story time at the Alpine Township Library Tuesday morning  as Mr. Jim read a scary story appropriate for Halloween.     Some of the dressed up kids could not wait for the program to be over and visit the Alpine Township Administration Office for their annual trick or treat parade.  Township employees were ready with some special treats for the young tricksters.

Mr. Jim

Tuesday mornings at the Library is for Strory Time.

Children of all ages enjoy the story

 Trick of Treat!

One of the  masks made at the library

Help yourself

Clerk Jean Wahlfield looks on

Decorations in the Township Supervisor's office

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haunted Westgate in Alpine Township 2013

Visitors are warned to be cautious when travelling in that part of Alpine Township often referred to as the "Westgate neighborhood".  There have been reports over the past years of zombies roaming the streets on Halloween, disguised as young "trick or treaters".  Those still daring enough to visit the area are encouraged to stay in their cars.


Hunter Anderson keeping an eye on local activities


Comstock Park Educational Foundation 2013 Holiday Fundraising Festival


2012 Alpine Township Employees Entry

Take a Bite Out of Hunger

 A Comstock Park Community Outreach Initiative


Feed a family for $5! A $5 donation will provide a family 30 pounds of food to help meet their needs during Holidays, extended days off from school and summer break.

Anyone can donate! (Checks made out to Comstock Park Public Schools - Acct.# 6176)

What: Donate $5
When: October 14, 2013 – June 8, 2014
Where: Drop off or mail to -

Comstock Park Public Schools
Attn. Take a Bite out of Hunger
101 School St. NE
Comstock Park, MI 49321

Additional Collection Sites


 York Creek Apartments Leasing Office

     650 York Creek Drive, Comstock Park, MI 49321

Independent Bank

     3800 Alpine, Comstock Park, MI 49321

Food boxes will be purchased from Feeding America West MI Food Bank

THANK YOU Cards will be posted to recognize your contributions

The Comstock Park Community Outreach is a collaboration of business, government, schools, churches and service organizations with a mission of matching community needs to available resources, and a purpose of empowering people to improve the quality of lives


Monday, October 21, 2013

Alpine Township Hunters Safety Classes Booked Full - Second Class Offered

Alpine Township Hunters Safety Classes set for November 5 - 7 2013 are booked to capacity and a second class offered the following week to accommodate students that were on a waiting list is also rapidly  filling to capacity.  The new classes are scheduled for Tuesday - Thursday November 12-14 2013.
The classes are taught by certified trainers from the Kent County Sheriff's Department.  Students taking on-line courses  can register to take the test the last day of the class.  Classes are held at the Alpine Township Offices, 5255 Alpine Ave NW, located on the corner of 6 Mile NW.
Registration is required for all students and a $5.00 registration fee will be collected on the first day.  For more information and in order to register, please call Beth at Alpine Township at 616-784-1262.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

German Prisoners of War in Alpine Township


Merlin Kraft

Earlier this year, Merlin Kraft committed to do a presentation about German Prisoners of War for the Alpine Township Historical Society but sadly Merlin passed away earlier this year.  Just the same, his grandson was on hand to share some of the stories Merlin had recorded.  More than 30 people were on hand to listen to Merlin's stories, some from as far away as Lansing and Owosso.
Some were still old enough to remember.  One recalled his recollections from when he was 5 years old, another person recalled some incidents from when he was 13.  Still many others shared what their parents experienced. Most had fond memories of the time and of the prisoners.
A number of prisoners captured at the North African front, some who fought for Rommel, were brought to a number of places in Michigan, including Sparta and Alpine Township.  They were hard workers, polite, educated, and at the same time lonely for their family and their fatherland.  The Prisoner of Wars were here for barely a month before transported elsewhere,  but they assisted in picking what is believed to have been a big crop of apples in 1944.  Prisoners included great soccer players, great cooks, as well as others with professional qualities.  They were never considered dangerous, but fraternizing was not allowed although this rule was not always adhered to.  They often sang the song Lillie Marlene but they despised Marilyn Dietrich because she betrayed the fatherland.
Following the presentation, many in the audience went on a walking tour.  Following are some pictures of the meeting as well from some of the publications on display.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things to like about Alpine Township

Trees, on the streets, in the housing developments, in the country, everywhere. Here are a few snapshots taken today.



Friday, October 18, 2013

Daily Deals Store Grand Opening a Big Hit!

Mike Bush--store manager
Shayne Eisenga--owner
Nels Eisenga--owner.

It's a two day celebration and there still is all day tomorrow for you to join in the fun and excitement of the grand opening celebration of the Daily Deals Food Outlet, 740 Lamoreaux Ave. just east of  Alpine Ave. in Comstock Park.   Customers today raved about the deals they encountered and took advantage of some great prices.  There were free hot dogs, kids participating in a Treasure Hunt, and lots and lots of friendly smiles. Store management has lots of experience in store operations, and the store is affiliated with Natural Choice Foods, a wholesale  foods company located  at 5899 Comstock Park Drive NW.  Welcome to Alpine Township!

Crash and Amy Stroh waiting for store manager Mike Bush, (left) and owners  Shaine Eisenga and Nels Eisenga to cut the ribbon Friday morning
The store offers more than frozen foods

Local supporters Dan Clark and Meghan Auperlee
Mike Bush, Shayne Eisenga and Molly Schnid

Crash from the West Michigan Whitecaps was very welcoming

Amy Stroh offering assistance

Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends with Molly Schmid