Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Beautiful Autumn Day in Alpine Township

It was a beautiful Saturday to spend some time outside and enjoy mother nature and some of the people in Alpine Township.  First was another trip to the newly reconstructed Westgate Neighborhood Park. Leaves are just beginning to change colors and soon everything will be ablaze.

Then it was off to Dunneback and Girls Farms to see how their Chili Cook-Off was coming along.  It was tough to find a place to park.  The cook-off was a big hit and benefited the Michigan Lyme  Disease Association.  Lyme disease is a spirochetal bacterial infection that is thought to be transmitted predominantly by what is referred to as "deer ticks" but can be transmitted by ticks associated with other animals as well.  More information about the disease can be found at the MLDA website.


One of the hosts at Dunneback & Girls Farms, Stephanie  Shoemaker

Kent County Commissioner Tom Antor was one of the judges

Enjoying a donut on the patio

Two life long Alpiners

Then it was a quick stop next door  at Morse Farms on Peachridge  Ave (just south of 6 Mile) to see the great pumpkins

They would have loved to take this home but it was too big to fit in the trunk and too hard to budge,

Jared Morse taking a short break on a pumpkin seat
On the way home a stop at the Alpine Township Sports Complex where the Cougars from Comstock Park and Kenowa Middle Schools battled students from East Grand Rapids in a game of soccer.

Yes it was another beautiful day.

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