Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween II

Kids showed up in record numbers in some of our neighborhoods Sunday evening, thanks in part to the clear weather. 

See you next year!

Alpine Township Hosts First Annual Fall Halloween Fest

The number of people who attended the first Alpine Township Fall Halloween Festival probably guaranteed that the event will be repeated next year.  Hundred of kids and parents came to the Township Sports Complex and enjoyed free hot dogs, donuts, apple cider, ice cream and candy.  There  were free apples too, and even pumpkins for all kids who wanted to take one home.  Organizers Jim May and Ron Cordes, both Township Trustees, were very pleased with the outcome, and wish to thank the many volunteers that helped make this a success.  They also like to thank the following donors:

Under the Pines - Pumpkins
Steve Alt - Pumpkins
Aseltine - Cider
Ron Cordes - Candy, Donuts, Cocoa
Ron and Jackie May - Ice cream,  Cones, Apples, Water, Face Painting
Frito Lay - Chips
Mike's Cycle Station - Paper Products
Pumb's and Eckridge - Buns and Hot Dogs
Ted Wallace - Buns & Condiments
Dunneback Dairy - Face Painting
Alpine Township - Tent
Bill Steffen - Weather

Special thanks also to Gino and Mary Rangel and family for their help.

In addition to the treats, kids and parents alike enjoyed the opportunity to inspect the Fire Department's new fire engine, or the large Massey Ferguson tractor provided by Sparta Farm & Lawn.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil's Night in Alpine Township

October 30th, the night before Halloween, was anything but mischievious in Alpine Township. Most homes had their porch lite off, but if did not deter a few youngsters from making the rounds. Besides, there were a number of residences worth stopping at even if the treats weren't planned until tomorrow night.

Halloween at Stony Creek School

Stony Creek School hosted a Halloween Party early Saturday afternoon and when it was all over, the volunteers were still smiling.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walker Chamber of Commerce Event at Amore's Trattoria Italiana

Amore's Trattoria Italiana, the Italian Eatery at 5080 Alpine Ave hosted a special event sponsored by the Walker Chamber of Commerce. The event was capped off with an official ribbon cutting celebrating the recent opening of the restaurant.

 Angie and Joseph Havlik, and Don Goeree

Laurie Beck, H & S Companies, Don Goeree, New Planet Promotions, and Terri Goeree, Homemade Pet Foods were amongst the Chamber members enjoying the festivities.

 Ed Kwantes, Executive Director of the Walker Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Havlik, chamber vice president, Donna DeVries, mother of Jenna Arcidiacono, Gioia, daughter of Maurizio and Jenna Arcidiacono, Alex Arends, Alpine Township Supervisor, and Ed Kwantes, CEO of the Walker Chamber of Commerce participating in ribbon cutting Amore's.

Hunters Safety Classes

Community Policing Deputies Nate Ertle and Tom McCutcheon began offering a Hunters Safety class tonight to abour 50 eager young students.  The three day class will be repeated in November.  Both sessions are filled to capacity.

Best Story Time Ever

The children at the Alpine Township Library were listening to stories, and getting prepared to go trick or treating at the Alpine Township Offices when the tornado warning was issued and the kids and parents had to find a safe place to wait out the severe weather; in the Township Kitchen.  Library Manager Lara Weld kept the pre-schoolers entertained with stories until the warning expired.  The kids were then able to trick or treat the various offices of Township Hall and they were not even done when a new Tornado Warning was issued.  At least all the activities were planned for the inside.

 Getting dressed up to go trick or treating

 Caged up in the kitchen during the tornado warning

Finally, escape from the kitchen
 Trick or Treat! Getting to show off our costumes and the bags we just made.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alpine Township Hosts Community Fall Halloween Festival

When does the Township celebrate Halloween?  It is traditionally celebrated on October 31, and the Township is not aware of any communities within the Township that plan to celebrate it any other day.  Out of respect, please don't disturb any homes that have their porch lights turned off.

Alpine Township will host a Fall Halloween Festival on Halloween Day, Sunday, October 31, 2010 from 1:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. at the Alpine Township Sports Complex, 1850 Alpine Church Road, on the corner of Alpine Church Road and Baumhoff Ave.

The Board of Trustees decided to do this to promote community spirit, to offer members in the community an opportunity to get together, enjoy free hotdogs, cider and donuts, (and candy), to familiarize the community with the Alpine Township Sports Complex, to solicit interest in softball or soccer programs for 2011, to promote Public Safety and display our brand new Fire Pumper Truck, to meet township officials, and to have an enjoyable afternoon.

Activities are geared towards children thirteen and under, and include apple bobbing, bag toss game, and face painting.

In addition to members of the Alpine Township Board of Trustees, there will be representatives from the Alpine Township Fire Department, the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and the American Red Cross. Our newest fire truck is slated for delivery just days before this event.

Products are donated by generous Alpine Township farmers and businesses, and by members of the Alpine Township Board of Trustees. For questions, please contact Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends at 616-784-1262.

WHEN: Sunday, October 31, 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.