Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Story Time Ever

The children at the Alpine Township Library were listening to stories, and getting prepared to go trick or treating at the Alpine Township Offices when the tornado warning was issued and the kids and parents had to find a safe place to wait out the severe weather; in the Township Kitchen.  Library Manager Lara Weld kept the pre-schoolers entertained with stories until the warning expired.  The kids were then able to trick or treat the various offices of Township Hall and they were not even done when a new Tornado Warning was issued.  At least all the activities were planned for the inside.

 Getting dressed up to go trick or treating

 Caged up in the kitchen during the tornado warning

Finally, escape from the kitchen
 Trick or Treat! Getting to show off our costumes and the bags we just made.

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  1. Miss Laura did a great job.. the kids still had a ton of fun!!