Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Campeon - Liga-de-Inmigrantes-de-Fusbal - Champions 2011

It could have been the finals of the World Cup.  The teams entered the field in dramatic fashion anchored by the American and Mexican flags and backed up by heroic music.  Both National Anthems were played to a large crowd which came to watch the championship game of the Migrant Soccer League, better known as the Liga de Inmegrantes de Fusbal.  The match was played between Coras and Jalisco, with Jalisco beginning with a  one goal advantage thanks to their 1-0 win the previous week.  After 90 minutes of excellent soccer however, the score was tied 3-3 and the teams agreed that rather than go into overtime periods, to end it with a shoot-out.  In the end, Coras prevailed and was crowned league champion.  After the game their was an awards ceremony with special  recognition going to the four league finalists.  Special awards were also issued for outstanding player, and more.  The trophies and medallions were presented with heroic music in the background. The game was also broadcast live on a local Hispanic radio station.

Teams marched in anchored by flags and accompanied by a youth

Demonstrations of sportsmanship as each team wished the other luck

Distracted by a  chihuahua  trying to stay warm

There were a few unanticipated baseball games as well.

Coach for 2d place team Jalisco accepting the trophy

Team Cora with first place trophy

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