Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted Westgate Neighborhood- Alpine Township

Trick or treaters in the Westgate development of Alpine Township will encounter some frightening and unnatural scenes that could haunt them for minutes to come.  We took a quick tour and took some photos as to warn you what visitors may observe in this, what is normally a very ordinary neighborhood.  Streets to avoid Monday night would include Wallingford, Biddeford, Kittery, Bowdoin Pines, Westgate and Westshire.  Locations and more information can be found at

Shipwreck survivor?

An eery fog surrounded this shipwreck on Wallingford

No need for a security alarm with this defender

Nightmare on Westgate Ave.

Something terrible happened here

Not exactly a Toro commercial 

Cruel and unusual punishment is back

Too bloody to describe

Fountain of blood

This ghost seemed to follow us around on Kittery

Also on Kittery

This cemetary could not be found on Township maps but we found it on Biddeford

More at Deathly Hallows Cemetery

Almost looks like a dragon with some pups on the roof.  Can it be so?

The operator of this farm market failed to get a Township permit

Jack and the Beanstalk

Captain Hook, Never Land

Jenny aka Mama Witch at Story Book Hollow. More information at

Welcome to Story Book Hollow on Biddeford
Mother Goose

Peter Pan

More Story Book Hollow

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