Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Come Drum, Come Dance, Come Sing - WaZoBia

WaZoBia means "come, come, come" in three distinct Nigerian tribal languages. "Come" is an invitation of togetherness, and represents unity and diversity in community.

WaZoBia is also a Grand Rapids,  based music ensemble. The six member group has a diverse musical background that they bring together to create a unique musical sound that combines traditional African and Afro-Cuban drumming with a variety of other musical influences and styles arranged with modern compositional techniques.  They brought their talent to the Alpine Township KDL Library tonight and wowed everybody. The audience came to listen, then they sang, then they danced, and finally they were all on their feet  participating in the celebration of music from the Congo, Nigeria, Cuba and other places around the world.

At first it was just a few who danced

So much energy

Music from the Pacific Islands call for pacifiers.

Take a bow
Some of our residents who take advantage of the great library programs offered at Alpine Township

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