Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elections Draw Nearer

State wide primary elections are only a few weeks away.  On Tuesday August 3 voters will have a chance to participate by selecting candidates within their party that they would like to see on the November ballot.  Training is being conducted at Alpine Township all week long to familiarize precinct workers with the changes in election procedures.  Also yesterday, Grand Valley Metro Council invited all local candidates running for the Michigan House and Senate to participate in a legislative luncheon and learn about the issues critical to local government, such as Governmental Reforms, Unfunded Mandates passed on by the State, Revenue Sharing, Transportation Funding, etc.

Alpine Township Precinct workers becoming familiar with new computerized procedures. Classes wil continue throughout the week for all workers assigned to one of our six precincts.

Dave Agema, Alpine Township's State Representative serving the 74th District, at Legislative Luncheon hosted by Grand Valley Metro Council,

Alpine Township's good neighbor,Walker Mayor Rob VerHeulen, being greeted by a well wisher. Rob is a candidate for the Michigan House in District 86 which does not cover Alpine Township.  Also present as a candidate for District 86 was John Schwartz 

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