Monday, July 12, 2010

Amore trattoria italiana officially opens

It's official.  Amore, the Italian eatery located at 5080 Alpine Ave. is now open. Referred to as "trattoria italiana", it serves simple Italian dishes in a restaurant or tavern setting.  With beautiful Italian music in the background, real tablecloths, pleasant decorations, a friendly staff, and a great menu, you will truly experience a bit of Italy.  For those who like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their meal, they will have to wait just a few days longer as the license is being processed.

Your host and owners Maurizio and Jenna Arcidiancono look forward to your visit. Support your local businesses.

a friendly staff awaits you.

Maurizio Arcidiancono (left)  with diners Linda and John Holm,  

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