Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Festivities on Alpine Church Road

About a half mile further west on Alpine Church Road, there were more festivities.  Staff from the Kent District Library offered activities and information for all who attend the soccer games at the Alpine Township Sports Complex, in an effort to promote library services to the hispanic community. Several hundred kids and their parents stopped by a booth that was set up.  In addition to the staff of the Kent District Library, there were several distinguished guests to help celebrate.  Mariachi singer Gabriel Estrada III entertained the crowd for several hours.  Also on hand were Katie, the KDL Mascott, Purdie the Clown, and El Loco Pollo, a crazed chicken.  Each of these four celebrities gained fans over the course of the afternoon.  Last year this event was held at the Alpine Township offices, and because of this year's success, it will probably be held at the Sports Complex again.

Katie the Elephant, mascottof KDL Library

El Pollo Loco with new found friends

El  Pollo Loco...reminds you of the Pied Piper of Hamlin

Mariachi Singer Gabriel Estrada III with Purdie the Clown and friends

Some of the KDL Staff

Some of the boys enjoying the day

Laura Wells, Manager of the Alpine Library, with Ms. Purdie and friends

Taking a break and bonding with the kids

Some of the girls on the youth soccer league

Twins on brand spanking new bikes

And there is still baseball for a few weeks

....and more soccer

....and more soccer

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