Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Young and the Very Young

For many years, one of the best kept secrets in the Township was the Card Party for Seniors at the  Community Center every Thursday night.  The room used to be filled with card players.  As of late, the number of players has decreased dramatically and the group is looking for new participants.  "Many of our regulars have passed on"  said Mary Schweitzer, "and they just haven't been replaced."  There is no age limit and any one can play.  Current players range in age from in their 50s to 92.  If you like cards, stop on by on a Thursday at 7:00 PM at the corner of 7 Mile Road and Baumhoff and have fun.

Meanwhile, at today's Rotary Club Meetiing at the Swan Inn, two younger ladies, students at Comstock Park High School, briefed the Rotarians about their experiences at  the Life Leadership Course they participated in last month.  The two junior students received scholarships from the Comstock Park Rotary Club making it possible for them to attend the program conducted in Cadillac. They learned a lot from the leaders they met, as well as from all the other students who attended. 

Becca West (left) and Mary Lehmann, incoming seniors at Comstock Park High learned about their own leadership potential.

Life Leadership Conference is hosted by Districict 6290.  More pictures can be found here

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