Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alpine Township Fire Department to the Rescue

The Alpine Township Fire Department remains trained in more than just fighting fires. Most are also trained to respond to medical emergencies, whether they occur as the result of a vehicle accident, a storm, an incident at home, the farm or the workplace, or a medical condition. Other than the Fire Chief, all Alpine Township fire fighters get paid only when they respond to a call. The Township also provides them with training, from fighting fires to extracating victims from cars or school busses, to rescues on ice, and in this case, water rescues. A dozen firemen were on hand early this morning simulating rescue efforts at Cranberry Lake, on the west side of Alpine Township.

Rescue workers on their way to the scene

Getting the victim on the backboard

Attempting to put a neckbrace on the victim

Other rescue workers helping to bring the victim and rescue workers to shore

Getting ready to transport the victim to the waiting ambulance.

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