Sunday, June 27, 2010

Opportunity for Kids to Design their Own Playground

This Thursday, June 30, 2010,  kids and parents will have the opportunity to help design a new public playground that will be erected at the York Creek apartment complex in August.  The non-profit organization Kaboom! has teamed up with Amway  to bring this playground to a section of Alpine Township where  recreation is much needed.  York Creek is gracious in allowing this public park to be built on their property, and they will  perform the maintenance on the playground once it is built.  The Comstock Park Rotary Club is recruiting children of any age to help in suggesting how they want the playground to be designed.  They will also be recruiting adults to assist in erecting the playground in August.  In addition, the Rotary Club is involved in coordinating the activities associated with this event and for limited community fund raising.  Major funding of this project is provided by Amway, which will also provide a major portion of the volunteers who will make the playground a dream come true for many of the kids living in one of our neighborhoods.

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Join the enthusiasm and be part of our efforts to give  kids the opportunity to play.  Come with your kids on Design Day, at Zion Lutheran Church, and/or donate your time in August.   For the sake of the children.

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