Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alpine Township Firm Lands Large Private Contract

Somewhere on Alpine Ave, a bit obscured, sits a company called Prestige Products. Having been in Alpine Township for less than a year, the company is known for constructing and selling residential and commercial awnings and doing marketing design. Prestige is now making massive booms, which can be interconnected to create a big circle around the 60,000 square mile oil spill. They float on top of the water and an apron which drags below the surface prevents the oil from spreading. Prestige Products has already been wired two million dollars by BP in order to start manufacturing. In this age of skepticism, one of the most difficult parts was convincing banks, potential suppliers and regulatory agencies that this was the real deal. This was achieved much with the help of State Representatie Dave Agema. It was also clear that the work could not be performed at the facilities at 4790 Alpine N.W. and that a larger facility was needed. No empty buildings meeting size requirements were available in Alpine Township so the company was forced to move their special operation to 2685 North Ridge in Walker. The company is in the process of hiring fifty workers and hopes to be able to hire another 50 to 100 in the near future. It may not be long before they outgrow theircurrent facilities. Other oil companies have come calling as well.. Congratulations to Company President Brad Brussow and his staff for stepping forward and meeting a challenge.
Prestige Products President Brad Brussow (left) and Michigan House Representative Dave Agema

Oil Booms (on right) ready to be shipped

Production Engineer Steve VanderVeen explaining the process to WOOD TV News

Because of the space that is required for assembly, the company may soon need to expand

Engineer Steve Vanderveen explaining how the booms interlock in order to cover miles or territory.

The contract with BP has already benefitted many local suppliers

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