Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mutiny in Alpine Township

It all started innocently enough. A few pirates visited and took over the Alpine Township Hall for a Kent District Library program. Jackie Sparrow was there to read to the young children in attendance. Josh and Jonathan Whalebane were there for moral support.

But it wasnt long after the story reading that it became obvious what all the children had in become pirates themselves. They created their own costumes, eye patches, colored parrots, and then decided to have a mutiny of their own, resulting in sword fights and lots of trouble. It got so bad that even the library staff got into a sword fight. Fortunately, peace was restored before the evening ended.

Jackie Sparrow teaching the children all about pirates from one of the library books
On the deck were Library Manager Laura Weld, and pirates Josh, Jackie Sparrow and Jonathan Whalebane
The evening started peaceful enough
What started as a sword fight demonstration
Turned into total chaos. Even the Police could not control it.
Even the library staff got caught up in the frenzy
Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends trying to hide behind Jonathan Whalebane

Alpine Township Kent District Library Manager Laura Weld was finally able to restore peace.

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