Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Construction Update

Plans are to resurface Six Mile Road between Alpine Ave in Alpine Township and Pine Island Rd. in Plainfield Township. This project is scheduled to begin Monday, 6/28/2010 and will be completed by July 30th, 2010. It will begin in Plainfield Township between Pine Island Road and Division Ave. Signs to seek alternate routes will be posted. You are encouraged to use alternate routes during the construction stage.

The segment in Alpine Township will utilize a process called: Hot-in-Place Recycling. This is a process widely used in Indiana and Illinois but it will be the first time the Kent County Road Commission will use this technique. The process allows the existing asphalt to be heated, scarified, screeded (grinded?) and rolled.

This project is primarely funded with Federal Stimilus funds.

The sidewalk project along York Creek Dr. is coming along nicely and they should begin pouring cement beginning sometime tomorrow. This will allow safer access to Alpine Ave. on this road that saw a lot of pedestrian traffic. This project is funded with Community Development funds.

This was the scene yesterday along York Creek Drive, as part of the preparation to install sidewalks

The County Road Commission awarded the project to DeYoung Concrete

These boxes were built along the leasing office of York Creek and will soon be filled with numerous vegetables. It is a Community Garden Project sponsored by the Belmont YMCA.

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