Monday, June 7, 2010

Art Class Exposes Talent

Every Monday at 2:00 PM, a group of talented people with one thing in common get together at Zion Lutheran Church on Lamoreau Ave. What they all share is a love of painting. That love, along with some beautiful classical background music, some awesome baked goods, and a fantastic art instructor makes this group meet all year long.
Led by local artist and art instructor June Vellenga, the participants have produced some very impressive paintings. With their permission, some of their artwork will be on display at Alpine Township Hall in the future. For more information contact June Vellinga, (616) 698-2105.

Nancy VanLopik

Joanne Otter-Poskey - Peonies

Marcia Schuette

Another painting by Marcia Schuette

Catherine Milanowski

Melody Goltz

Bev Shields

Jackie Olman

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