Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming Soon: Authenic Italian Eatery

Alpine Township residents are awaiting the Grand Opening of AmOre, an authenic Italian Eatery at 5080 Alpine Ave NW.
The restaurant will be operated by Maurizio Arcidiano and his wife Jenna. While Jenna has local roots, Maurizio himself is as genuine Italian as the food they will prepare.

The Restaurant is located in the former Kansas City Dipp & Grill, or, according to some old timers, in the old Brann's on Alpine.

We welcome Maurizio, Jenna, and their two daughters to Alpine Township.

Maurizio Arcidiacono with youngest daughter


  1. Yeah! Yum! So tired of chain restaurants on this end of town. I am looking forward to something really good and fresh! ~ Ames

  2. Support local! Can't wait to have Michigan products served with Italian flair!