Monday, May 31, 2010

Alpine Township Pastor Serves as Local Reserves Chaplain

ALPINE TOWNSHIP — With a 75,000-pound payload capacity, crewmembers aboard B-1B Lancers zoom at supersonic speeds to carry out strategic bombing missions in support of the war in Afghanistan.
But when the roar of the engines die down, U.S. crews of the swept-wing jet may face a conflict of another kind when they return home — one that’s more personal.
That’s when U.S. Air Force reserve chaplain, the Rev. Mark Bowditch, may be asked to step in and help.
“It’s a big celebration when they return but, like the veneer that wears off, they’ve got issues that arise,” said Bowditch, 45, a reserve Air Force Protestant chaplain for 12 years and senior pastor of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Alpine Township. Click
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*Photo by Adam Bird - The Grand Rapids Press

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