Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shop with a Sheriff at the Alpine Township Walmart

To be escorted from Walmart in a patrol card by the Kent County Sheriff's Department is usually not something to brag about, but to be escorted in a patrol car to that turned out to be a real treat for about 50 children this early Sunday morning.  It was all part of the Kent County Sheriff's Department's "Shop with a Sheriff" program.  Over 50 kids met at Sam's Club's parking lot and paired up with a deputy or officer of the Kent County Sheriff's Department  and were transported by vehicles with lights flashing and sirens blaring to the nearby Walmart here in Alpine Township.  There they were met by other deputies who escorted the kids into the store and helped them spend about $100 each on clothing essentials for themselves.  In addition, participants were able to spend another $20 for either another family member or purchase a present for themselves.  The $6,000 used for this project came from generous contributors in the community.  Kids also ate donuts, received Junior Deputy t-shirts, and had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the deputy and Santa Claus. 

An identical program took place later in the morning at the 28th Street Walmart.

Early morning commotion at Walmart

Deputies awaiting children to shop with

Last minute instructions

Children were escorted to the door where they received red carpet treatment

"Shop with a Sheriff"

Keeping the program well organized

Community Policing Volunteer Coordinator Sandi Jones and Community Policing Deputy Tom McCutcheon

Alpine Township's Community Policing Deputy Nate Ertle
Following re some pictures with Santa

A Walmart manager joining the fun

Thank you for shopping Alpine Walmart

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