Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comstock Park Rotary Enjoys Christmas Luncheon

The Comstock Park Rotary enjoyed their Christmas Luncheon Thursday at the Swan Inn Restaurant.  In addition to a special meal prepared by the Swan Inn, some members brought appetizers and deserts.  Rotary members were entertained by 7 members of the West Michigan Blue Grass Association who held a jam session, much to the delight of their audience.  The West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association is based out of Lowell, Michigan, and recently celebrated their 16th birthday.  They are a dynamic and active group, putting on one or more monthly events throughout the year. Their flagship events are the two bluegrass festivals that they host in May and September.  They are always interested in new members and support.  More information is available at their website located at 

Rotarians enjoying the jam session

Enjoying some of the appetizers and deserts

Alex Arends's (mother) famous Dutch Mocha Cake
One of the deserts featured today was Alpine Township Supervisor Alex Arends' Dutch Mocha Cake.    The recipe was featured in the Grand Rapids Press over 30 years ago and it is still a popular treat.  The recipe is featured here on request.  If you like Tiramusi this recipe is for you. 

Dutch Mocha Cake Serves 12
__ 2 cups whipping cream
__ 2 packets (4.8 grams each) Crowny vanillin sugar (optional)
__ 4 tablespoons General Foods Suisse Mocha mix
__ 3 tablespoons Nestle Quick Chocolate mix
__ 1 cup powdered sugar
__ 2 packages (24 count each) lady fingers (crisp, not spunge)
__ 1/2 cup very strong coffee
__ rum (optional)
__ 1/4 cup Heath English Toffee Bits
Place whipping cream and vanillin sugar in a bowl
Whip until peaked
Fold in the mixture of powdered sugar, mocha and chocolate mix
Quickly dip bottom of lady finger in strong coffee
Place on serving tray, make a row of 12
Lightly sprinkle with rum if desired
Top the layer with whipped cream mixture
Repeat process 3 more times building 4 layers
Use remaining whipped cream mixture to cover the sides
Sprinkle with Heath English Toffee Bits
Refrigerate or store in cold place until chilled and firm enough to slice,

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