Friday, December 16, 2011

A Thanksgiving Project

For many years now, certain members and friends of the Comstock Park Rotary get together around Thanksgiving and volunteer for a specific project:  Find a family that has a member with physical disabilities that is in need of a wheelchair ramp, and construct it for them.

Like almost every year, neither finding a family or building the ramp posed a problem for this group of dedicated people.

A single mom and her teenage daughter had recently moved into a modular home.  The daughter has spinabifida and is confined to wheelchair.  Since they moved in, the mother had been "bouncing" her daughter down a regular set of steps, or sometimes she would lay a sheet of plywood on the steps and roll her up and down the sheet of plywood. This was very steep and therefore unsafe.

Had the family paid for the lumber and hired a contractor, the cost would have been about $3,500.  Thanks to the expertise and generosity of this group of well-doers and financial support of the Comstock Park Rotary, this family has something to be very thankful for this Christmas.  The appreciation shown by the members of the family is all the reward that was necessary to convince the group to do another wheelchair ramp project next year.

Pictured, left to right, front row: Mike Matlosz, Phil Obetts, Doug Gordon, Steve Ayres. Back row: Perry Beachum, Roger Kropf. Missing from the picture (because he was taking the picture: Denny Coin

A task done with love

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