Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comstock Park Graduate Jenica Moore - Building Leadership in Nigeria

Guest speaker at the Comstock Park Rotary today was Jenica Moore, a Comstock Park graduate, currently attending Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.  Jenica has been the recipient of a number of Rotary awards and has also served as a Rotary ambassador to a number of countries.  This year she had the opportunity to spend several months in Nigeria and she was anxious to tell the members of the Comstock Park Rotary about her experiences.  She talked about the Christian and Muslim factions that often result in creating violence.  She also talked about how many people do not begin their education until much later in life, often the result of enlightenment.

In addition to the presentation, Jeremy Kelley, a local resident and father, presented a plaque to the Rotary chapter in appreciation for their sponsorship of a North West Little League Baseball team.

The club also elected a new member to the board, Melissa Graveling, an accountant with Willis and Jurasek.

Jenica Moore speaking on “Building Leadership in Nigeria”

Members listened attentively

Jeremy Kelly presenting plaque for NW Little League Team  Sponsorship to President Dick Woodward

Jenica Moore with President Dick Woodward.  The dress Jenica is wearing was tailored in Nigeria and was considered conservative attire there

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  1. Jenica is such a wonderful talented woman! Hope yo see her soon. Francisco Ávila