Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Work on Sewer Main Trunk Has Started

The weather has been assisting workers in getting a head start  on replacing main sewer trunks along both York and Strawberry Creeks in Alpine Township. Some of the areas where the current sewer trunks are buried have been difficult to reach for proper maintenance.  The pipes are about fourty years old and being replaced thanks to being awarded a low interest loan via the Michigan State Revolving Fund.  In addition to the replacement of the trunk lines along Strawberry and York Creek, there are plans to repair or reline the Mill Creek trunk line late fall of 2012 or Spring 2013 pending approval of an additional low interest loan.  The Township has also received a grant to cover 90% design engineering of the project, and is anticipating a similar grant for the Mill Creek project.   Completion day for the York and Strawberry Creeks projects is Labor Day 2012 but as long as the weather cooperates, completion could be much earlier.  

With leaves gone, you can see a new trunk line being installed along the middle of the picture.  York Creek runs in the forefront

York Creek Sewer Trunk Easement at 4 Mile Rd near Yorkview

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