Thursday, September 15, 2011

Neighborhood Watch in Full Swing at Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows Neighborhood
 Watch President Joyce Garcia
Participation in the Neighborhood Watch Program at Alpine Meadows Mobile Village on Fruitridge Ave  is in full swing and the rewards are apparent. Only 13 police complaints were filed this past month which is about half of the complaints filed in previous months, and most of those complaints were of a minor nature. The residents in the community are aware of what is going on in their community and are in touch with management when issues arrive. Family activities that are planned over the next few months include a Halloween Trick or Treat program and Breakfast with Santa. Curfews for children and young teens have been established and are enforced. Bus stops are being monitored by parents. Residents who have lived in the village for some years are encouraged by the many improvements that have originated with the current management. A significant number of new mobile homes are occupying once vacant spots. Kent County Community Policing Office Nate Ertle is excited about the policies being put in place by community manager Dawn Hamblin to improve the quality of life of the residents. At Thursday night's meeting of the Neighborhood Watch group, recently elected president Joyce Garcia stressed the importance of parents taking responsibility for their children's action, and doing whatever possible to keep drugs away from the youth in the community.

Alpine Meadows is located in Alpine Township at 3800 Fruitridge Avenue N.W. Grand Rapids, MI 49544. 

Community Manager Dawn Hamblin with Community Policing Officer, Deputy Nate Ertle

A few of the residents in attendance

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