Thursday, September 1, 2011

Comstock Park Rotary Supports Grand Rapids Rotary Kenya Project

The Grand Rapids Rotary Club's goal of raising $1,000 from 8 Grand Rapids area Rotary Clubs was reached half way just by visiting the Comstock Park Club today at its weekly luncheon meeting at the Swan Inn.  The Comstock Park Rotary Club pledged $500 towards the goal of raising enough funds to purchase books and uniforms for at least 27 students (secondary school) of families supported by a Grand Rapids based Foundation called: "Opening Village Doors". The main goal is to help individuals in sub-Sahara Africa start income generating activities so that they can be able to support their families with basic needs:  food, shelter, and medical needs.  The Rotary Club of Grand Rapids is focusing on one of several needs identified as stabilizing families, and that is education
World Community Service Committee Chairperson Cindy VanGelderen and Committee member Matt Zimmerman laid out the program with an excellent PowerPoint presentation.
At least $2,000 of local club contributions will be matched by the District Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Clubs of Kisii, Kenya and its local district  will also contribute to the project and will be very engaged in it.
Cindy VanGelderen and Matt Zimmerman
Dick Woodward receives his President's Pin from past President Sharon Steffens

Special guest at our meeting was Elaine Ellison, a former resident of West Lafayette Indiana, currently living in Florida, but with roots in the Grand Rapids area.

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