Thursday, August 20, 2009

York Creek - More than a Good Neighbor

Editor’s Note: In keeping with the spirit of this blog, this is not an editorial either supporting or opposing recently expressed views about the creation of a special assessment district.

Recent controversy at the meeting of the Alpine Township Board of Trustees provided ample opportunity for the press, television news, and radio talk show hosts to discuss York Creek apartments. At issue is whether or not the owners of York Creek pay their fair share for police and fire protection.

York Creek is one of two apartment complexes that is located within a square mile at the South-East corner of our township. It is by far the largest of the two with a residency of near 5,000, so it draws most of the attention in the area. Also located in this mile section are some residencies located east of Lamoreaux Dr. up to, and in some instances east of Four Mile Road. It also includes businesses along Alpine Ave and a section of Dwight Lydell Park.

It should be pointed out that York Creek Apartments pays its proportionate share of property taxes as required by law. While it was misinterpreted by many that York Creek paid $28,000 in property taxes, the total amount faithfully paid every year is more near one million, four hundred thousand dollars. Most of that money supports both Comstock Park and Kenowa Hills Public Schools, while smaller portions go to the Kent County and Alpine Township.

York Creek was welcomed by Alpine Township with open arms in the early 1980. Since that time they have added many more units, always with Township approval.

York Creek management has worked very close this year with both Alpine Township officials, the Kent County Sheriff’s Department, and other members of this community in improving the quality of life of its residents, particularly in addressing crime issues and residency requirements. Great strides are being made. Nearly 5,000 good and responsible people call York Creek Apartments their home. They are more than good neighbors. They are our fellow residents.

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