Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wild Weekend

Saturday's stormy weather left the power off all day Sunday along Alpine Church Road. This not only left Holy Trinity Church without power, but the Alpine Township sports complex as well. And with the loss of power came the loss of water, and thus dark bathrooms with no running water. This did not deter hundreds of softball and soccer enthusiasts to play or cheer on their favorite teams. Many thanks to the Alpine Township Fire Department who helped provide lights and water so that the facilities could be cleaned halfway through the afternoon. At about 5:30 the power was restored, only to be followed by a massive storm that fortunately did less damage in Alpine Township residents than its northerly neighbors in Sparta and Kent City. On the border of Alpine and Sparta, a tree blocked the road by the property of Bow Tie owner Mary Steinbrecher. Mary applauds the Alpine Township Fire Department for wasting no time to get it removed. She passed along that our fire fighters "ARE AWESOME AND MY HATS OFF TO OUR VERY HARD WORKING FIRE DEPT." Below are some pictures she sent.

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Cheering on grandpa, dad, and husbands

Not all kids like to watch the games

Tree down on Ten Mile Rd Sunday evening

Alpine Fireman Mike Lasko, Andrew Stachowiak (both left) and others getting it done

That was a huge tree

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