Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leadership for Tomorrow

Rotary clubs identify and sponsor the finest young leaders in their communities. Students who have completed their high school junior or senior year, exchange students, and students who have completed their
college freshman year are offered the opportunity to participate in the Life Leadership Conference. The persons selected are outstanding student leaders who are a credit to their schools and communities. They are hungry for knowledge, willing to meet new friends, and eager to engage in a program that will have lasting effect on their lives. They are, simply, the leadership of the future!

This year, 154 students were selected to attend the Life Leadership Conference hosted by the Cadillac Rotary Club at the Kettunen Center near Tustin, Michigan. Amongst those selected were two Comstock Park students, Krista Sabo (left) and Allison Shumaker (right) Here they are addressing members of the Comstock Park Rotary, thanking them for receiving the opportunity to attend, and relaying the leadership lessons learned.

Comstock Park Rotary Program Chairman Frank Vietze, Allison Shumaker and Krista Sabo

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