Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comstock Park Rotary Meets at Grotto Park

The Comstock Park Rotary which meets every Thursday at 12:10 P.M. at the Swan Inn, changed it's venue for one day today and met at what has become their favorite place, Grotto Park, which became the club's major renovation project. Grotto Park is located adjacent to the Veteran's Facility on Monroe, "One of our members drove past the facility and saw it," said Todd VandenToorn, who was co-chairman of the $350,000 project. "It was closed to residents. There were barriers and signs saying it was dangerous. The steps were crumbling." Just look at it now.

The weather cooperated but the bratts did not

Club members Dan Clark (l) and Doug Gordon (r) in deep discussion about
the upcoming Chicken Barbecue at Dwight Lydell Park Thursday August 27th

The dedication monument is awesome but nowhere as rewarding as
the appreciation shown by residents of the Veteran's Facility

A bird's eye look of Grotto Park

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