Wednesday, June 20, 2012

York Creek Summer Program

School age children in the Comstock Park and York Creek vicinity are attending an exciting program this summer and it is free. The program is coordinated by Meghan Aupperlee with Wedgwood Christian Services and is presented by Wedgwood, Comstock Park Public Schools, Arbor Circle, The Comstock Park KDL Library, YMCA, Girl  Scouts, Junior Achievement, Zion Lutheran Church and others.

KIds enjoy Library Story Time, Vacation Bible School, Physical Education, recreation, health and nutrition, gardening, puppet shows focusing on life lessons, making and keeping friends, pet ownership, and junior achievement.
Teens learn about relationships, choosing friends, dealing with anger and stress, family relations, health and wellness, teamwork, recreation, life skills, risk taking, and more. Indoor activities occur in several apartments provided by York Creek Apartments. The program began June 18th and will continue through August 16th. 
Both groups are booked and there is a waiting list for any spot that may open. The program is partially funded by the Comstock Park Rotary though  Comstock Park Community Outreach.

Signing in for the day

Finding a shaded spot for lunch snack was the hardest task of the day
The teen kids program will be conducted by Wedgwood Christian Services today

The YMCA will be providing the program for the younger kids today

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