Thursday, February 10, 2011

Local columnist, author and outdoors enthusiast addresses Rotary

It was a bit of a homecoming as Ed Gilbert was the guest speaker at the Comstock Park Rotary Club meeting today. The 77 years old Comstock Park resident is a former club member who is well known for his column on outdoor life which is published in 4 newspapers.  Ed acknowledged having written over 5,500 columns over the years, and discussed his book: “A Brown Trout Bicycle: Once Upon the Woods and Water.”  Ed shared a few of his heartwarming stories and poems from the collection of stories that make up the book.

Doug Gordon, Bernie Spruit, Ed Gilbert and Dick Woodward getting reacquainted

Ed Gilbert's book, A Brown Trout Bicycle is a collection of short stories about his outdoors experienciences.  The book is available at AMAZON

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