Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Alpine Township Blizzard of 2011

What is driveway or street and what is not?  This half buried lantern isn't much of a guide

 Alpine Township experienced the Blizzard of 2011 along with its neighbors.  There was lots of snow and cold temperatures, and the Township office would probably have been closed except for a few brave employees with four wheel drive, and a Township Treasurer who drives in by bicycle.  Treasurer Jim Townsend has been biking it to work every day for the past year and he did not want to see his string of continuous days terminated because of a little snow.  Fortunately he lives relatively close to the office and witnesses report that he pushed, not rode his bike in this morning.  Jim is an enthusiastic biker who got over a hundred miles in even this past month.

Gary Potter digging out Alpine Township Hall

With snow in places  reaching the top of the wheel Wednesday morning, biking into work could not have been a picnic.

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