Saturday, February 5, 2011


As much as sensational stories grab the headlines, it is important that these are  balanced with good stories in the community.  Such was the story about the good Samaritan  Rafael Gonzalez-Velazquez who with his son took in who he thought to be a homeless man.  It turned out that the elderly gentleman they opened their home for had Alzheimer's Disease and could well have wandered off the road to die in the bitter cold.  So will the story about a life saved cancel out the bad publicity about a life taken in the York Creek community in 2008? 
The quality of life of the residents in the York Creek community continues to improve. Much of the credit for this should go to the management.  Maintenance of the premises is vastly improved, both outside as well as inside the complex.  Prospective tenants are carefully screened and eviction of policy violators and criminals is enforced to the maximum.
Credit also goes to our schools, churches, community service organizations and agencies, and the leadership and guidance provided by them. 

Dan Clark
About a year ago, Dan Clark, owner of Clark Nurseries and an active member of Lake Bella Vista Church and the Comstock Park Rotary Club contacted a few local pastors with social concerns for the residents in and near York Creek..  This soon turned into an organization unofficially named "COMSTOCK PARK COMMUNITY OUTREACH" with representation from about 25 different organizations, churches and agencies. Helping this loosely knit group  are two great organizers, Missi McPherson, Comstock Park Schools, and Liz Ploughman, York Creek Apartments.

Missi McPherson
Liz Ploughman
Schools and community service agencies have been able to take advantage of York Creek making two apartments available for their use.  Numerous classes, informational meetings and programs have been brought to the complex.  Some nights see numerous programs going on at once.  Teen Zone is one of such programs.  Wedgwood Christian Services, Arbor Circle, and the YMCA are just a few of the agencies offering programs. The YMCA is also offering swimming classes at nearby Alpenhorn Apartments with available scholarships, babysitting classes at York Creek, and plans to have a softball league this spring at the Alpine Township Sports Complex.  Several churches have been providing youth programs at York Creek.  Wedgwood Christian Services offered a well attended "Movies at the Park" at Dwight Lydell Park.  The Comstock Park Rotary partnered with Amway, Kaboom and York Creek to build the wonderful playground at York Creek that is open to the public. Alpine Township is continuing to provide more sidewalk on Alpenhorn to make foot travel safer and more convenient, with better access to Alpine Ave, Lamoreaux  Ave, and Dwight Lydel Park. York Creek management has offered to extend sidewalks even further.  According to the Sheriff's office, York Creek management is quick to report any signs of criminal activity and  the sheriff's department is swift to respond.  The results are a  reduction in crime and such progress should be celebrated.
It is quite evident that York Creek is a vibrant part of the Alpine Township community.  Our community is great because of the united leadership provided by churches, service organizations, schools, businesses, neighborhood associations and local government.
lHere are some additional programs sponsored through Comstock Park Schools at York Creek
Camp Blodgett – After School Program
lArbor Circle – After School Program
lMaranatha Bible Church – Adult ESL Classes, After School Program, Women’s Bible Study
lWedgwood Christian Services – 6-12 Grade Programs and Summer Programs
lSummer ESL Tutoring Program 
lYMCA Healthy Living Programs
lSummer Reading Programs

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  1. Next meeting is at the Comstock Park Library on West River Rd, 10:00 AM Tuesday February 8 2011.