Saturday, April 24, 2010

May in April

US: Early spring warmth threatens Michigan fruit crops. The unseasonably warm weather is already waking up the buds on West Michigan fruit trees."I'd say we are about two weeks ahead of normal," says apple farmer Ed Robinette.And if we get another hard freeze, the tender buds would die. Robinette says the buds on the trees are what turn into the cherries, apples and apricots. No buds, no fruit."Freezing the buds will take the fruit off the tree," he says.According to weather data, there is the danger of a hard frost in West Michigan until April 25."There is no use getting nervous about it because whatever is going to happen is going to happen," says Robinette. "We haven't frozen yet."Robinette says last year's fruit crop was enormous in Michigan."One of the biggest Michigan has had in years," he says.He was already expecting a smaller yield this season. A frost could reduce expectations even more."I'd say its pretty likely we will freeze again," he says. "You just take what comes. That's all you can do."Looking ahead to next week, Robinette says he knows it's going to be cooler but there is no freeze in the forecast."It would be a good thing if we don't get cold again," he says. "But what are the chances we aren't going to go below freezng again?" (Source:

Apple trees are in full bloom

Who can't take delight in beautiful colors?

Warming up for a scrimmage game today.

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