Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alpine Township Recipient of $547,000 SAW Grant

Today Alpine Township was awarded a $547,000 Storm water, Asset Management, and Waste water (SAW) grant by the Snyder Administration.
Alpine Township was one of 673 communities who vied for 97 million dollars made available this year.  Those who were not selected for funds this year may be eligible next year or beyond. 
The amount granted will fund an asset management plan, sanitary sewer system and storm water sewer system planning costs and design engineering costs.  Costs will include some planned videotaping and smoke testing and other projects that will lead to a managable asset management plan. ,  An Asset Management Plan will provide detailed sanitary sewer system information allowing the Township to have a more comprehensive annual Operating and Maintenance Program.  It allows for identifying each functional piece of infrastructure and equipment, its estimated lifetime and maintenance costs, and its eventual replacement costs.
Alpine Township is one of five communities that operated the North Kent Sewer System.  Partner communities which will also receive funding this year are Plainfield Charter Township ($1,334,857)  and the City of Rockford ($843,470)   The grants call for 10% shared funding. 
Alpine Township last year selected Prein and Newhof to prepare the grant appication at a cost of $7,000 (of which $6,300) should be recovered by the grant.


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