Saturday, August 4, 2012

Breakfast on the Farm a Huge Success

Jim and Jackie May
For over a thousand people, breakfast was the most important meal of the day Saturday, August 4th as they visited the Jim May Farms in Alpine Township, Michigan as part of the "Breakfast on the Farm" program.  A free breakfast was offered to the first  2,000 people attending this event, which purpose was to educate people about food production and the importance of local farming.  There were over 20 stations for attendees to visit including the free breakfast, pesticide management, face painting, weather monitoring, pest management, pollination, soybean, corn and apple production, and much more. One of the main attractions was the adjacent Jack Brown Produce facility where many local farmers bring their apples for storage, washing, packing and distribution.  The facility uses the most modern technology available to select the best quality product.  In addition to seeing our local crops distributed to local retailers throughout the year, many are distributed to foreign countries.

In addition to state wide sponsors, there were over 60 local sponsors who made this program possible.  "Breakfast on the Farm" was coordinated through the Michigan State University Extension Service, which has been sponsoring similar programs in other parts of the state.

Volunteers included many farmers along the Ridge, friends, family, and other farm and community supporters, some who travelled considerable distance to help.  The positive response was overwhelming and a strong indicator that a similar event will be held again next year.  Following are some pictures of the event:

Photographs Courtesy of Michigan State University Extension  Copyright 2012

Volunteers arrived at 7:00 a.m. and were able to eat first

Food was prepared and catered by Donna's Catering, Marne, Michigan

Fire Department/EMS volunteers and staff were on hand and available

John Schaefer, President of Jack Brown Produce

There were all types of farm equipment on display

Face painting is popular where ever you go

There was lots of interest in learning how to milk

All about pollination and its part in agriculture

Alpine Township's Kent County Sheriff Community Policing Officer Nate Ertle

There was plenty of drinking water stationed everywhere

Until next year

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