Monday, January 30, 2012

Your Taxes as Easy as 211 - and it Is Free!

Getting your tax return prepared can be as easy as 123 211.  According to Brenda Brame,  Program Manager for the Kent County Tax Credit Coalition at the Heart of West Michigan United Way,  United Way is providing tax preparation and e-Filing services, free to anyone whose income is $55,000 or less, thanks in part to community volunteers.

This past season they served over 7,500 taxpayers, bringing over $10.8 million back into the community. You may be one of many more under-served taxpayers that may need their help. Help is available by calling 211 for an appointment. And you don't have to go far for your appointment.   The Comstock Park Branch of the Kent District Library at 3943 West River Drive NE is conveniently accessible just to serve the residents of Alpine Township and it's surrounding area.
Did you know?
The Earned Income Tax Credit is a Federal tax credit that low income, working families and individuals are eligible to claim on their income tax return. However, every year about 25% of families nation-wide fail to claim this credit. It is our organization's goal to ensure that every eligible family in the Kent County area claims this credit through our Free Income Tax Preparation Sites.

The Kent County Tax Credit Coalition is comprised of community organizations including the Heart of West Michigan United Way, Kent County Department of Human Services, Baxter Community Center, the Internal Revenue Service and various financial institutions working cooperatively to utilize the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC) and other various tax credits as a means to improve financial independence for working, low and moderate income individuals and families. The Kent County Tax Credit Coalition aims to provide additional dollars to our families and thus, the businesses and the local community. The Coalition works to achieve the above goal through the provision of information and the development of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites, which have the capability to assist eligible wage earners to access EITC dollars and other credits in their income tax returns.

Contact person: Brenda Brame, Program Manager, (phone), (email)

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