Thursday, January 5, 2012

Home Repair Services the Topic at the Comstock Park Rotary Meeting

How can you get major repairs such as a new roof for at as little as 10% of the actual costs?  At Home Repair Services, that's where, provided your family income is below the Kent County medium income.  And where can you rent tools, or attend free fix-it training?  The same place you can get financial counseling  on home foreclosure.  That place is Home Repair Services.  At Home Repair Services, they are deeply concerned about the impact of foreclosure on individual families and our entire community. But concern isn’t enough. They’re also taking action. Their Financial Counseling programs helps about 1,600 families each year – one of the largest such non-profit programs in Michigan. They work directly with families and lenders to prevent foreclosure whenever possible. 

These are some of the services offered to Kent County residents, many who, like the Rotarians at Thursday's meeting, are not aware of the depth of services offered.  They were fully explained by Stan Greene, Resource Development Manager for Home Repair Services, and guest speaker at the Rotary meeting.  Stan was accompanied by Coleen Downey, Events Coordinator.  Home Repair Services has its origins with Catholic Social Services but has been a self supporting organization for over 20 years.  Initially their services were focused on needy elderly, but their focus changed over the years and they offer assistance to all homeowners who are trying to maintain their home while experiencing financial restraints.  More information is available at their website at

Stan Greene and Coleen Downey, Home Repair Services

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